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The Wilkes Center aims to catalyze innovative science and solutions to address climate change.

The Wilkes Center leverages the University of Utah’s unique position and environment to drive world-class research on climate change forecasting, impacts, and solutions and places this science in the hands of decision-makers. Drawing on multidisciplinary centers of excellence at the University of Utah, the Wilkes Center strives for practical, integrative, and solutions-oriented research that can translate into policy around climate extremes, including wildfire and drought, air quality, natural ecosystems, carbon and water cycling, human environment and health. The Center is fostering educational and research training programs that support climate innovation and developing a new generation of solution-oriented leaders.

Faculty Leadership

Tim Collins

Leadership Team

Tim Collins

Leadership Team
I am a faculty person in the Department of Geography and the Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program at the University of Utah. My research focuses on environmental justice, health disparities, and social vulnerability to hazards/disasters. My projects apply multiple methods (e.g., spatial analysis, statistics, survey research, as well as qualitative) to examine human dimensions of flooding, wildfire, air pollution, climate change, and other environmental phenomena.

Gannet Hallar

Leadership Team

Gannet Hallar

Leadership Team
The overarching theme of Dr. Hallar's research is using high quality measurements of trace gases, aerosol physical and chemical properties, and cloud microphysics to understand connections between the biosphere, atmosphere, and climate, along with the impact of anthropogenic emissions on these connections. More specifically, currently her research uses high elevation sites, combined with airborne measurements, to study the formation processes of Cloud Condensation Nuclei and Ice Nuclei.

Administrative Staff

Kyla Welch

Programs Manager

Ross Chambless

Community Engagement Manager
 (801) 646-6067

Max Seawright

Associate Director of Research Development
 (801) 646-6013

Margaret Call

Creative Content Assistant

Zoe Exelbert

Lead Ambassador

Postdoctoral Researchers

Malcolm Araos

Postdoctoral researcher - Department of Geography

Liz Mahon

Postdoctoral researcher - Department of Geology

Alfred Mayhew

Postdoctoral researcher - Department of Atmospheric Sciences