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Mission<br />Statement
The Wilkes Center for Climate Science & Policy at the University of Utah strives to provide transformative, integrative, and cutting-edge science, education, entrepreneurship, and practical solutions to tackle climate change in Utah, the United States, and the globe. Researchers affiliated with the Wilkes Center are working on the defining issues of our age.
Climate<br />Solutions
In collaboration with stakeholders and multiple partners, Wilkes Center researchers analyze and innovate on climate solutions, aiming to inform policy in key areas of water resources, climate extremes, and nature-based climate solutions.
Climate<br />Impacts
Wilkes Center scholars are illuminating climate impacts on local communities, economies, ecosystems, and human health in Utah and around the globe and are developing key tools to mitigate, adapt, and manage climate impacts.
Climate<br />Forecasting
The Wilkes Center aims to support and develop state-of-the-art science around near-term forecasts and longer-term projections of key climate changes with major societal impacts and to make this information available for decision-makers.
Undergraduate Funding
The Wilkes Scholars Program enables students to explore pressing climate challenges through transformative research.
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Faculty Seed Grants
Apply to receive funding support for impactful research surrounding climate change, as well as the policy impacts.
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Postdoctoral Fellowships
Designed to attract spectacular recent graduates doing research in the areas of climate science and policy.
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Graduate Research and Travel Funds
Designed to support all graduate students pursuing research in the areas of climate science and climate policy.
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Student Innovation Prize
ALL students enrolled at ANY university or college in the state of Utah are eligible to submit their most innovative, creative, and bold ideas for tackling climate change.
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Wilkes Center Travel Award
Provides graduates and undergraduates the opportunity to present their climate science and policy research to the academic community. One-time award, $500 max.
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Events & Partnerships

Climate Solutions Hackathon
The 2nd Annual Wilkes Climate Solutions Hackathon was held January 26, 2024. All U students are invited to put their passion, knowledge and teamwork toward achieving climate solutions. Thousands of dollars in cash prizes will be awarded.
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Wilkes Summit
The annual Wilkes Climate Summit at the University of Utah brings together leading policymakers, nationally-recognized scientists, foundations, and innovators to discuss the most promising and cutting-edge solutions for climate change.
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Great Salt Lake Strike Team
The Great Salt Lake Strike Team includes researchers from the University of Utah and Utah State University working together with state leads from the Utah Department of Natural Resources and Utah Department of Agriculture and Food and additional experts from other entities. Together, these entities join in a model partnership to provide timely, relevant, and high-quality data and research that help decision-makers make informed decisions about Great Salt Lake.
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Speaker Series
The Wilkes Center Speaker Series provides a welcoming venue for scientists, researchers, and policymakers to discuss challenges and solutions for the defining issue of our age - climate change. The series seeks to create a platform for distinguished researchers to share insights, to foster meaningful opportunities for dialogue and collaboration, and to enhance awareness and motivate effective policy action.
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The $500,000 Wilkes Climate Launch Prize at the University of Utah supports innovative project ideas from organizations at all stages, both for-profits and non-profits, anywhere in the world, to help address the impacts of climate change.
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University of Utah researchers are engaged in a number of projects to develop new technologies and policy mechanisms to advance resilience, prevention, and forecasting ability with wildfires.
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The Wilkes Center Podcast

Conversations about transformative research happening in the fields of climate science and policy at the University of Utah.

From new renewable energy technologies and other potential solutions, to improved forecasting tools, to enhanced understanding of ecological, health, or community impacts, it’s hard to keep up with all of the climate change research and innovation now happening across the U.  Talking Climate brings University of Utah climate change researchers and their work into focus.  Talking Climate is hosted and produced by Ross Chambless, Community Engagement Manager for the Wilkes Center.

Climate Modeling Tools

Carbon Futures<br />Modeling Tool
Carbon Futures
Modeling Tool
This is interactive tool shows carbon storage potential in forests in the US.
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Global Forest <br />Climate Risk Tool
Global Forest
Climate Risk Tool
This tool projects the relative risk to Earth’s forests globally during the 21st century based on multiple approaches, datasets, and climate change scenarios.
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US Forest Risks<br />Mapping Tool
US Forest Risks
Mapping Tool
This map tool shows harmonized projections of risks to US forest carbon from fire, drought, and insects under a changing climate.
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Utah Greenhouse Gas <br />Monitoring Tool
Utah Greenhouse Gas
Monitoring Tool
This map provides real-time data on CO2 and methane emissions at strategic monitoring sites across northern and eastern Utah.
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Balsam Woolly Adelgid <br />Monitoring Tool
Balsam Woolly Adelgid
Monitoring Tool
This model predicts current and future exposure to climate-facilitated balsam woolly adelgid damage to subalpine fir trees in Northern Utah.
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Clay and Marie Wilkes have worked on humanitarian projects for decades,
leading education and economic initiatives in Salt Lake City, Peru, and Nepal.

The Wilkes Center for Climate Science and Policy was created in 2022 as a result of their
desire to urgently address threats created by climate change. Learn more about the donation

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Donations to the Wilkes Center for Climate Science & Policy at the University of Utah will support our efforts to provide transformative, integrative, and cutting-edge science, education, entrepreneurship, and practical solutions to tackle climate change in Utah, the United States, and the globe. Researchers affiliated with the Wilkes Center are working on the defining issues of our age.