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The Wilkes Center Travel Award (WCTA) is designed to provide graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to present their climate science and policy research accomplishments to the academic community. The opportunity to attend a conference provides networking opportunities that may lead to future research and employment connections. This award is for a max of $500 to cover the allowable expenses listed below.

This is a one-time award, meaning students are only eligible to receive a WCTA once during their academic career. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Application Process

    • The applicant will submit their application through the application portal. After submitting an application, the Wilkes Center will review and approve the application, as well as solicit any information needed from the home department’s travel coordinator. 
    • After the department coordinator has provided the requested information, the funds will be sent directly to the department chartfield and travel will be coordinated by the department.