Nash Christian Ward

The effect of multiscalar fractals on the albedo of the ice pack

Undergraduate, Math department of the College of Science

In the last 30 years the Arctic sea ice pack has lost approximately 36% of its total mass. This has led to storms generating bigger waves which collide with the ice pack and nearby coastal areas. In addition to larger waves the diminishing sea ice has triggered a shift in the ice cover from older, thicker ice, to younger, thinner ice. In my research we are investigating how this younger ice affects wave propagation through the ice cover. We believe there is an optimal configuration of these young ice floes which minimize the propagation of surface waves. My long-term goals are to pursue a PhD in Mathematics from a top program, become a tenured professor at a research university, and study the mathematics of climate. Outside of academia I enjoy skiing, climbing, and mountain biking. So, understanding the climate is critical to maintaining my lifestyle.

Undergraduate Wilkes Scholar