Tristalee Mangin

Graduate Student, Department of Chemical Engineering

Tristalee is pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. She is working on two main projects under her advisor, Dr. Kerry Kelly – the SmartAir and Seed2Soil Indoor Air Quality projects. The SmartAir project intends to reduce local vehicle engine idling pollution using a dynamic, real-time display incorporating air quality, engine idling statistics, and a community-crafted message. Her focus is acquiring, testing, and calibrating low-cost sensors, conducting laboratory and field validation of the SmartAir sensor package, and analyzing the overall system’s impact on local air quality levels.  The Seed2Soil Indoor Air Quality project intends to determine which pollution events – inversion, dust storms, wildfire smoke – are most detrimental to indoor air quality and to analyze how building HVAC operations can exacerbate poor indoor air quality during these pollution events.  Her focus is developing and maintaining low-cost air quality sensor nodes, trend analysis between indoor and outdoor measurements, and building HVAC operation correlations with identified indoor air quality anomalies.

Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Fellow