The 2nd annual 24-hour Wilkes Climate Solutions Hackathon will be January 26~27, 2024, at the Crocker Science Center and virtual!

All U students are invited for this fun and intensive problem-solving competition to put their passion, knowledge and teamwork toward achieving climate solutions.

Thousands of dollars in cash prizes will be awarded to the top ideas.

Free FOOD and snacks for the whole night!

Teams will be asked to choose from five focus areas relating to wildfire which have potential for innovative data-driven solutions:

1. Prediction/Analysis
2. Risk Mitigation
3. Alert Systems & Evacuations
4. Community Resilience/Rehabilitation
5. Health Hazards

Participants will be encouraged to conceive something new. This could be a design idea, a financing idea, a start-up idea, a technology application, or a policy idea that will make an impact in one of the five competition categories.

The final deliverable will be a slide deck with an overview of your idea after the 24-hour event ends.

Go here for more information and to register.